Are Travel Expenses Covered Under Workers Compensation?

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Travel Expenses for Workers' Compensation | Form 25TGenerally speaking, mileage to go to and from treatment is covered under workers’ compensation if the client travels 20 miles or more roundtrip.  The current mileage reimbursement rate is $.565 per mile, but it is subject to change in accordance to the Internal Revenue Service guidelines.  If the Internal Revenue Service alters the mileage rates, whether they increase or decrease, the Industrial Commission will act in accordance to their updated rates.

What form should I fill out?

Clients are going to fill out a Form 25T which can be accessed on the NC Industrial Commission website. The form itself is simple to complete but it’s important to stay on top of documenting your mileage to and from treatment.  You may consider keeping a journal close by so you can document the date, where you are traveling, arrival and departure time, and mileage reading before and after appointment.  It’s a good idea to have it documented on both the Form 25T and your journal, since you will be submitting the form to the insurance carrier.  You may also consider making a copy of the Form 25T for your records.

How do I turn in my Form 25T?

The form will be submitted to the insurance carrier so it typically depends on what form of communication is already in place.  When you fill out your form for the first time and are ready to submit, it’s probably a good idea to send it to your workers’ compensation attorney first.  Your attorney can review the form and make sure everything is filled out before sending it to the insurance carrier.  While your attorney is reviewing the form, touch base with him or her and let them know you would like to verify how to submit it to the insurance carrier.  After the first couple of times, you should be able to complete the form and send it to the insurance carrier on your own.

When do I receive my reimbursement check?

Most clients will receive a reimbursement check from the insurance carrier within a couple of weeks.  It is essential clients are staying on top of filling out their forms on a weekly basis and submitting them in a timely manner.  If you have questions about mileage reimbursement for treatment, Form 25T, etc. you should consult with your workers compensation attorney.

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