Do I Need An Attorney for My Workers’ Compensation Case?

The decision to hire an attorney is often based on the severity of the worker’s injury. If the injury is limited to a sprained ankle or broken wrist that is expected to heal with limited future medical treatment, the employee may choose not to hire an attorney to represent him in the workers’ compensation claim. However, employees that suffer back injuries, head injuries or traumatic injuries to a limb will usually benefit from hiring an attorney to assist with the workers’ compensation case.

What Is A Form 42 in Workers’ Compensation?

A Form 42 is an application for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem, a person the court appoints to represent the best interests of a child or someone who is incompetent in a case. This form is used when a plaintiff in a case is an infant or an incompetent person that has no general or testamentary guardian (A person named in a will to serve as a guardian).

What Is The Average Weekly Wage in Workers’ Compensation?

In the state of North Carolina, the average weekly wage is controlled by North Carolina General Statute 97-2(5). There are several methods used to determine the average weekly wages. The most common method to calculate the wages are to use your wages earned for the prior year divided by the number of weeks that you have worked. Wages earned will include overtime, tips, bonuses, per diem income and housing income.

What Is A Form 25P in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation?

Filling Out Workers' Compensation FormsWhen you are involved in an accident that occurs on the job, there are a number of necessary Worker’s Compensation forms that need to be completed and then submitted to the appropriate office. One of these forms is called a 25P. Form 25P is also referred to as an “Itemized Statement of Charges for Drugs.”

This form is needed to obtain reimbursement for prescription or medical supply expenses related to the on the job injury and is also required under the Provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act.

The form must be completed in its entirety and prescription and/or medical supply receipts must be attached. The completed form and the receipts should then be sent to the workers’ compensation adjuster or your workers’ compensation attorney who can provide them to the adjuster. The adjuster will then issue you a reimbursement check.

What is Form MSC7 in North Carolina Workers' Compensation?

Question Mark ManForm MSC7 is the report of the Evaluator in a workers compensation case in North Carolina. An Evaluator is usually a neutral person who meets with the plaintiffs and defendants in a workers compensation case in a neutral evaluation conference.

The Evaluator will usually conducts an informal presentation of facts from both parties about the case and evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of each party in the case and provide an assessment of the settlement value and possible liabilities of the parties in the case.

Unlike a mediator, whose duties are to bring the parties to a resolution of the case, the Evaluator states the strengths and weaknesses of each party so the parties may get an unbiased opinion of the possible outcome of a case if the case proceeded to the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

At the completion of the neutral evaluation conference, the Evaluator will file form MSC7 with the Industrial Commission reporting the results of this conference and the Evaluator’s fees earned. This form will report, among other things, when and where the conference was held, names of the parties and attorneys at the conference, whether or not the parties reached an agreement.  If not all issues reached an agreement, the issues in which an agreement was not agreed upon. This report must be mailed to the Industrial Commission within seven days of the conclusion of the neutral evaluation conference.