How Do I Get a New Social Security Card if I Lost My Old One?

One of the things required when filing bankruptcy is a copy of your Social Security card. Many people have it readily available to have a copy of it made, but you may have misplaced it. You can get a new Social Security card issued by going to your nearest Social Security office. Find the office closest to you by clicking on the blue link to go to the Social Security Office Locator. This will let you know which office is closest to you.

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When going to get a new Social Security card you will need a number of documents to take with you. There is a neat feature on the Social Security website that allows you to find out exactly which documents you will need. You select the reason you need a new card, if you are the applicant or a parent/legal guardian of an applicant and if you are a legal US citizen and it pops up a new window telling you what you need. Typically, you will have to take proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate, and proof of identity, such as your driver’s license. These documents cannot be photocopies…they must be originals! One of the main documents that you may need is your birth certificate. Follow these instructions to order a new birth certificate in North Carolina.

The other thing that you have to do before going to the office is fill out a Social Security card application. Print out the application and complete it before you go in. They also have paper copies at each Social Security office should you need one. Once you get the needed documents together, the process is very simple.

When arriving at the office you sign in and wait for your number to be called. You then go and meet with one of the associates who will verify your documentation and review your application. They will then provide you with a letter that says you have applied for a Social Security card and it will be coming in the mail in approximately three weeks. You do not get your actual card that day, so make sure you apply for it as soon as you know you need it since it does take some time to receive.

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