How Can I Get Mortgage Statements Sent To Me Again After Filing Bankruptcy?

Male on White BackgroundOnce your case is filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and the creditors are notified of the filing, your mortgage company may stop sending you the monthly statements for your house payment.  This is a protective measure on their part.  The mortgage company may be in violation of the federal bankruptcy automatic stay if they send a statement attempting to collect a payment on your mortgage after you have decided to surrender or give up your home in bankruptcy.  This violation carries severe penalties against the mortgage company including fines, so they do their best to avoid this violation.

A few days after your bankruptcy is filed with the Court, a notice will be sent to the mortgage company and other creditors notifying them of your intention to retain or surrender your house and other secured items including automobiles and furniture.    If you filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy the creditor will receive a copy of the Chapter 13 plan.  If you are keeping your home they will usually resume sending monthly statements to you.  However, in many cases the Chapter 13 bankruptcy Trustee will be paying the mortgage on your behalf so contact your attorney prior to sending any payments to the mortgage company.

If you filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy the secured creditors including the mortgage company will receive the Statement of Intention.  Often this is sufficient notice for your mortgage company to resume sending you the monthly statements.  In other cases the mortgage company may send a letter requesting that you and your attorney sign a notice requesting that statements be mailed to you, while other mortgage companies may wait until after your bankruptcy is discharged before sending statements.  Regardless of whether you receive the monthly statement from your mortgage company, it is extremely important that you continue to make your monthly payment to the mortgage company if you wish to retain or keep your home after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If you wish to keep your home but fail to make your monthly mortgage payments after filing bankruptcy, the mortgage company may file a request within the bankruptcy court to foreclose on your home. Should this occur, you would be required to pay the amount you are behind on your home plus additional cost incurred by the mortgage company.



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