What Is Temporary Total Disability In A Workers' Compensation Case?

North Carolina Workers' Compensation InformationTemporary total disability is a legal term, also known as “TTD”, and is a disability rating assigned in a North Carolina workers compensation case.  Temporary total disability (TTD) is assigned when a worker is injured on the job and cannot work for a “temporary” or short term time period. This short time period can be a few days or a few months.  The employee must report the injury and usually wait seven days before they can begin receiving workers compensation benefits.  These benefits usually include 2/3 of their average weekly wage, up to a maximum wage set by state law.  The injured worker is also entitled to medical treatment during this time period.  It is presumed the worker will eventually return to work at his or her job after a recovery period. Typically, a doctor will be the one to decide when the injured workers can return to work.

This is in contrast to permanent partial disability, also known as “PPD”, in which the worker has sustained a permanent injury and usually cannot return to the same job. In permanent partial disability, the worker is usually assigned a permanent disability rating based upon the percentage of injury to that particular body part.

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