Want To Know What It’s Like To Be Harassed By A Creditor? Real Phone Call

Many of those who are facing financially tough times right now are stressed out even more by creditors who call non-stop. Creditors push the boundaries on what they may and may not do to collect a debt.

For example, here is a voicemail a client of ours emailed us the other day. Our client allowed us to post this voicemail so others could see they are not alone with the constant and harassing phone calls.

After receiving the voicemail we called the number back and spoke with someone with the company. They explained they didn’t know our client had filed bankruptcy. However, we confirmed their mailing address was accurate and explained we had previously sent proper notice of the bankruptcy. We then let them know they were violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and any further attempt to collect on this debt would be met with a motion for sanctions.

They told me they didn’t do anything illegal and, after explaining I had a recording of the voicemail, they hung up on us. Before doing so, they explained they would notate in their system that our client had filed bankruptcy and she would not be contacted again. To date, she hasn’t received another call.

Regardless, this phone call shows some creditors will do whatever it takes to collect on debts. If you believe a debt collector is overstepping the boundaries let them know that they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It is important to keep detailed notes about who you spoke with (including their identification information), what time they called and what they said. Without this information it is difficult to be successful in a motion for sanctions against the creditor.