How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?


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  1. George Perez
    George Perez says:

    Ok, when I got injured my employer wasn’t around but my supervisor was. He didn’t witness the accident but I told him what happen and he told me to go home early. The next day I went to thinking I would be ok. But less than two hours in my pain was progressing. At this time I told my supervisor and my employer and was sent home. I went to an urgent care just to make sure there wasn’t any fracture. Well, as soon as I told them it was a work related injury they told me they couldn’t see me. So they called my employer and he ok the visit to the doctor. I was told to keep of my leg for a couple of days which I did. When those couple of days were up I was getting a discomfort from my knee and back. I told my employer about it and he told me to go back to the place I went to the first time. I got schedule to go to their work comp place. I was then told that I would need physical therapy. I was given a follow up appointment. But my employer sent a copy of something that was to be their insurance company name an so on. But when urgent care workers comp place tried to bill them. They were unable to because the insurance company information was wrong. The clinic has try numberous time to try to get the right information but have not been successful. So, when my follow up appointment came up I went and they told me that they couldn’t see until they pay for the last visit and the current visit. I ask if that’s the reason why I have received physical therapy and they said yes. So my pain keeps progressing and at this point I really don’t know what to do? And I really think they never made any workers comp paper work.

    • Damon Duncan
      Damon Duncan says:


      I would ask your employer for their workers’ compensation insurance company information. If they are are unwilling or unable to provide you with that accurate information I would suggest contacting the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Let them know about your situation and most of the times they will have that information on record for you. Be sure to file a Form 18 for your workers’ compensation case as well. That is very important to ensuring that you protect your rights. Of course, you may want to contact a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your situation in more detail as well. Best of luck!

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