How to Pay Attorney's Fees for Bankruptcy


We also understand that because times are tough, funds are limited. That’s why we set up an Easy Payment Plan with all of our clients for your attorney fees. Through our Easy Payment Plan, YOU set the payment schedule for your attorney fees based on your income and how often you get paid. After you have paid the attorney fees, federal court filing fee, completed and paid the credit counseling fee, submitted the proper paperwork and met with an attorney at Duncan Law, your case will be filed with the Court and you can begin your new financial life.

What Happens After My Free Bankruptcy Consultation?

After your free bankruptcy consultation, you may choose to sign a contract.  We will thoroughly explain each section of the contract, answer any other questions that you may have and allow you as much time as necessary to review our work agreement.  At this time we can set you up on an easy payment plan, which allows you to give us an estimate of a time frame of when you expect to file and allows you to make payments toward the attorney fees.

We will then give you your paperwork, along with an example of the paperwork as a quick reference guide.  We will explain in detail the documents needed to file, and the process of turning them in.  Lastly, you’ll get an email contact of someone in the office should you have any further questions.  No matter what, we want you to be as informed as possible and we want this process to be smooth and efficient for you!

In other words, you choose what the next steps are after your consultation.  You may choose to file bankruptcy with our law firm or you may wish to think about some of your options.  Again, we are here to answer questions as they come about.  We hope we get the opportunity to earn your business and we look forward to working with you. Contact us to get your fresh financial start today!

Duncan Law – Bankruptcy Attorneys with Free Consultation and Payment Plan

Many of those going through financially tough times face a catch-22 when it comes to filing bankruptcy.  Someone looking to file bankruptcy usually has more debt than they do money.  Therefore, liquid cash is at a premium.

Bankruptcy prices in North Carolina and across the nation can range anywhere between $1,200 to $4,000.  Many attorneys require that their clients pay in one lump sum and pay before any work is done on their bankruptcy.  That means too often someone interested in filing for bankruptcy has to pay the full amount before an attorney will even sit down with them.

At Duncan Law we are different.  At Duncan Law we offer a free consultation and, more importantly, a payment plan.

Free Consultation – when you set up an initial appointment with Duncan Law it is free of charge.  No strings attached.  Our top priority is to make sure that our clients are happy and only file bankruptcy if they need to.  We know that if we treat those who come in to see us the way we would want to be treated, they will refer others to us, even if together we decide bankruptcy isn’t the best route for them.  At your free initial consultation you will get quality information and guidance from one of our attorneys that will help you make a decision that best fits your situation.  Go ahead, set up your free consultation by contacting Duncan Law today.

Easy Payment Plan – we are confident that at Duncan Law we have competitive attorneys fees that offer great value and service.  We also allow YOU to set up a payment plan that works on your schedule.  Whether it is two lump sums or several payments over a few months we work with you to make sure that you are able to get fresh financial start.  However, by law we have to have all of the attorney’s fees paid in full before we are able to file your bankruptcy. Despite this, we are willing to work with you on your bankruptcy before the full fees are paid.  This can help harassing phone calls that you may be receiving.   Contact us to learn more about our payment plan and how we can help you get a new start in these tough times!