Our Commitment

Our Promoise to Work Hard for You

Free Consultation: The first time that you come to our office to talk with an attorney it will be completely free. You deserve to have your case heard without having to pay. Your free consultation will allow you to explain your situation to an attorney so that he can best explain your legal options.

Personal Attention: We treat you as a person, not a case number. It’s as simple as that. We are a firm that focuses on giving you the best legal service possible. That’s what you deserve. To give great service, it is important to know the client. Your case is about more than laws and rules – it is about your story. We listen carefully to your story and work with you to reach the best results for your situation. We know that if we treat you right and give you the personal attention you deserve you will be more satisfied with your experience with Duncan Law.

Reasonable Fees: In today’s economic landscape it is almost impossible to pay the thousands of dollars that attorneys often want. Duncan Law has reasonable, fair and competitive fees. Many times we offer an easy payment plan or, in your lawsuit, we won’t get paid unless you get paid. Contact our office now to learn more about how we can ensure that you are paying a fair and reasonable price for the high quality service that you will receive from Duncan Law.

Practical Information: We provide you with practical and helpful information. Your goal is to get your case successfully resolved. We will work with you to explain how your case and the law intersect. Our goal is to explain how we can best serve you in a manner that is clear and understandable.

Experienced Attorney: Duncan Law is an experienced attorney. You wouldn’t be looking for an attorney unless your case was important. It is important to find an attorney who has the necessary experience and dedication to successfully handle your case. If you contact us and set up your free consultation, we can explain how our experience will best serve you.

Highest Level of Ethics: Duncan Law will abide by the highest levels of ethics. All a person or business has to go by in this world is their reputation. We believe that our reputation has become what it is because we treat people the way we would want to be treated.

Our Commitment to You,

Terry Duncan, Attorney at Law
Damon Duncan, Attorney at Law
Melissa Duncan, Attorney at Law
and Staff