What is Form 60 in Workers’ Compensation?

Father and Daughter on ComputerNorth Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) Form 60 is the Employer’s Admission of Employee’s Right to Compensation. This form is completed by the employer in order to specify the injuries that they are assuming responsibility for and the amount of compensation that they agree to pay. In the form, the employer will detail the date of the injury or occupational disease in question, and the body parts affected. The employer will also report whether or not the employee was paid for the entire day on which the injury occurred. The employer must report that employee’s average weekly earnings. It is very important to note that this amount must include overtime pay and also account for additional compensation such as fringe benefits. If the insurance company does not accurately reflect your average weekly wage then you should have your attorney request the insurance company to fill out a Form 22. The employer must provide the NCIC with the original copy of a Form 60 and also must provide the employee and his/her attorney, if applicable, with a copy. Having a Form 60 filed in your workers’ compensation case means the employer’s insurance company has accepted your workers’ compensation claim.