Medical Malpractice

Doctor, Nurse, and Medical Provider Abuse


Medical Malpractice is when a doctor, nurse, or hospital is negligent regarding a person’s medical care. It has been estimated that over 40,000 people die each year in automobile accidents. Over 17,000 people die of AIDS and 42,000 die of breast cancer. Yet, recent statistics show that medical malpractice kills more people each year than all of these combined. Most of these deaths go unreported or they are covered up.

Common examples of possible medical malpractice are birth injuries, cerebral palsy, and misdiagnosis of diseases, such as cancer, surgical errors, and hospital mistakes. Medical malpractice is negligence committed by a professional health care provider—a doctor, nurse, dentist, dental office or staff, pathologist, neurologist, oncologist, cardiologist, toxicologist, pharmacologist, technician, nursing home or staff, hospital or hospital worker—whose performance of duties deviates from a standard of practice of those with similar training and experience, resulting in harm to a patient or patients.

Stethoscope | NC Medical Malpractice LawyersMedical malpractice lawyers mostly work with medical malpractice cases that are based on the concept of negligence—that is, the medical malpractice lawyer helps recover damages for the patient that was harmed because the medical care provider failed to meet the required standards of skill and care, in accordance with generally accepted standards. Because medical care providers cannot guarantee the results of medical treatment, a patient’s medical malpractice claim is not valid just because his or her treatment was not successful. Instances of medical malpractice might include cutting off the oxygen supply during surgery, misdiagnosing an injury or illness because routine tests and procedures were not followed, or prescribing an illegal drug or one not approved or appropriate for the patient’s condition.

Injury may occur when anesthesia is improperly given or not given in a timely manner to a patient. If the failure of the anesthesiologist is the cause of injury or death to a patient, damages may be recoverable under the laws of medical malpractice. Most doctors and hospitals carry malpractice insurance and some states even require that they contribute to a state patient’s compensation fund.

A medical mistake can affect you or a loved one the rest of your life. Once you believe that a mistake has been made or negligence is involved and this has caused harm to you or a loved one, contact Duncan Law immediately.

We will review your medical records and discuss if you have a valid feasible case. If we agree you have a good case, we will represent you on a contingency basis and you will usually owe us no money unless you win. Medical negligence cases are very complicated. However, verdicts in the millions of dollars are not uncommon.

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